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Audio Player for Website and Blog – Instant Audio Magic

Audio Player for Website and Blog – Instant Audio Magic

Instant Audio Magic is an easy-to-use software wizard that helps you create single audio players, multiple audio players, and audio postcards. Then you place the audio player on your blog pages and websites exactly where you want them to be, and save all of those high audio service subscription fees for yourself.

Here’s a few comments from users of Instant Audio Magic:

…”Instant Audio Magic was so easy to use. Within 10 minutes I had an audio clip on my website. I was able to change every aspect of the audio player, the color, shape, and size of the buttons and even how the audio started automatically or not when visitors came to my website.”

…”I want to take a moment and sincerely thank you for creating the Instant Audio Magic! Since I’m not really a “technical” kind of guy, it’s been a real struggle for me to even think about implementing media into my webpages. But at least you’ve solved the audio portion of this dilemma for me with Instant Audio Magic. The program is very simple for me to use, yet each function works flawlessly.”

…”Instant Audio Magic gives us and other website owners a way to quickly add audio to a website without needing a designer or programmer. Offering it as a one-time purchase instead of a monthly fee will make it available to so many people who can’t or don’t want to pay a monthly fee just to have audio on their site. Being able to create audio postcards is a great bonus. I call it a bonus because Instant Audio Magic is worth every penny even without the postcard option.”

Check it out for yourself right now.

Click it –> Audio Player for Website and Blog – Instant Audio Magic

I know you’ll love it just like I do!

Mark Hendricks

Audio Player for Website and Blog – Instant Audio Magic

Flip Camera Secrets – Make your videos look and sound great

Flip Camera Secrets – Make your videos look and sound great

If you have one of those “Flip-Style” video cameras, you know like the Flip or the Kodak Zi8, or other video camera you can hold in your hand and put in your pocket (even a cell phone)….

Then you’re going to want to take a look at this new resource that I discovered yesterday.

It’s over a dozen short videos on how to get the best results, both video and audio, from those little video cameras so you can have your videos look great when you put them online for promotions, or just for personal use too.

This gets my “high five star” recommendation.

Click this link:

Flip Camera Secrets – Make your videos look and sound great

Check it out, I was amazed at the great things

I learned within just about 45 minutes of watching all the videos – terrific stuff!

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – There’s a deadline approaching, check this link if you want to get THE definitive list building program:

How To Build and Profit From Your Own Lists


Sony Vegas and Kodak Zi8 – fixing the audio issues of the MOV files

Sony Vegas and Kodak Zi8 – fixing the audio issues of the MOV files

Boy, oh boy, do I really like the Kodak Zi8 camera…

– the best thing is the external audio input that I can use
with the AudioTechnica ATR 3350 lavalier mike to get better


The Kodak Zi8 video file output is MOV files (a proprietary Apple format),
and the MOV files don’t work well in Sony Vegas.

After a full week of knocking myself out trying to do workarounds, doing
research on the web to see what others came up with (none really fixed
the issue, they just almost did so I had to continually tweak things at
every stage of the process), here’s what I finally found that really works:

1 – Make sure you have the latest firmware update for your Kodak Zi8:

Click here to download and install the Kodak Zi8 firmware

2 – Make sure you get the update for the QuickTime DLL file for Sony Vegas:

Find this file on your computer “qt7plug.dll” and rename it “qt7plug.old”
Then download the updated file and save it to the same folder that you
found your original “qt7plug.dll” – click here

3 – Download and install the 7.6.2 version of QuickTime for PC (the newer
versions have some kind of conflict in them:

4 – Convert the Kodak Zi8 MOV files to AVI or WMV (or a format that works well for you in Vegas)

5 – Load into Vegas, edit and render in AVI or WMV

6 – Transcode that output to FLV (if that’s what you want when putting on web)

Now, you may say… “Well, that looks simple enough, so what’s the matter
with you Mark.”

The problem is: all the free video convertors I tried (4 of the top ones recommended)
did not do a good job of transcoding from the Kodak Zi8 MOV files, therefore things just did not
work well inside of Vegas (synch of video to audio, choppy video, etc), and the
resulting rendered files and finally conversions to web format (FLV) didn’t do well

So here’s what I found that fixed it all for me, and maybe this few bucks you spend
today will save you a lot of time and frustration that I had to pay, before finding
this and gladly paying them the bucks for a great software solution.

In this software, I set the video conversion settings to “the very best” to get the
best quality in going from MOV to AVI, then also after I render to WMV from Vegas
and then from WMV to FLV in the convertor (you, of course, may wish to use other
file formats – this software does it all, very well).

Here’s the link to the PC version: Fix Sony Vegas and Kodak Zi8 MOV audio problem

Here’s the link to the PC trial version (it’s a direct download link to and exe file):
Fix Sony Vegas and Kodak Zi8 MOV audio problem – free trial

Here’s the link to get the MAC version (no demo available):
Fix Sony Vegas and Kodak Zi8 MOV audio problem – MAC version

I got the Ultimate version (it’s around $55), and darn well worth it.

One other thing, those are my affiliate links so I will make some bucks when
you buy it – but don’t worry, you won’t pay more by purchasing through my
links, and you will have saved yourself gobs of frustration and I will have
been rewarded for my service to you, you can thank me later.

By the way, here’s a direct link to a lot of the search engine results pages
I found on the topic if you want to take a week to find out that what
I just told you is correct: search link

And here’s link to the some of the best free video converters I’ve used,
they work great in most instances, but the one I gave you the link
to above is the best I’ve ever used:

Media Coder and Prism

Now you can enjoy working with Sony Vegas and Kodak Zi8 – it’s a great combo!

Your comments are welcome below.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

Sony Vegas and Kodak Zi8 – fixing the audio issues of the MOV files

My telephone headset and recording setup

My telephone headset and recording setup

GN Netcom 2110 Headset (requires the amplifier, see next item)

GN Netcome 8000 Multi Purpose Amplifier

JK Audio – QuickTap (telephone handset tap, connects phone to computer)

* The QuickTap does not work with cellular telephones or any telephone with a keypad in the handset.

Order the QuickTap from (or other source you find):

🙂 Mark Hendricks

Video for the web – sales videos

I just found a terrific site that teaches you how to make great looking videos the quick and easy way for you website and blog pages.

Especially the type of videos that increase sales and monetization of your blogs and webpages.

Check it out here:

Sales Video Production

Mark Hendricks


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