Can short salesletters really sell?

Can short salesletters really sell?

Yes, short salesletters can sell.

I’m going to show an example of one that
does very, very well.

What you will see is that it’s all about
opening the mind, describing a problem,
introducing a simple solution, making
the offer that tells people the next
step to take, and answering questions
that help close the sale.

Now go to this URL, and see if you can
spot all of these things in this
very short sales presentation.

Click here to see the short salesletter example

(they are all there)

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


The little secret no one else is telling you…

Would you like to get more leads and prospects coming to you who want to buy now?

Would you like to know the psychological sales triggers to pull to get more profit results from your ads, sales letters and website?

Would you like to end the frustration and get more of what you want from your business?

You see, we’ve discovered a few secrets that I’m going to share with you.

And if you’re wanting to make money, you’ll want to read every word of this letter now.

– – –

“This is really the best thing that I have come across…”

Dear Mr. Hendricks: I have just spent 4 uninterrupted hours reading the above referenced and I am so energized by it! I wanted to tell you how amazing you are in your clarity in relaying this type of information to people who have never really had any formal education in marketing!!

I am so excited!

Your information will always be invaluable to me and will be my bible in getting my home business off the ground! I finally feel that I now have the ammunition to become successful in my business!!

I have been kind of floundering around using common sense and know my way around the internet quite well. But this is really the best thing that I have come across yet! Again thank you for being so inspirational to me!!

Laurie Hill-Elmstrom

– – –

“The little secret no one else is telling you…”

All the latest hi-tech web design gadgets, bells and whistles won’t help make you any money unless you learn to use words and sales strategies that have been proven to get attention, generate interest and desire, and motivate people to take buying action now.

It doesn’t matter how pretty and professional looking your ad, sales letter or website is, the only way you’re going to make money is by using words that communicate clearly the benefits of your offer and the reasons why your prospect should buy from you rather than anyone else.

Persuasive words and strategies that get your reader…

1. ATTRACTED to something that will be of…

2. BENEFIT to the them…then enough

3. DESIRE for that BENEFIT must be generated to motivate them to…



“It’s the words that do the selling…”

You’ve got to write your sales message so your prospective customers develop an emotional desire for what you’re offering them, before you ask them to buy.

– – –

“I’m *already* seeing better responses…”

Hello Mark, Thanks very much – appreciate your message. I have by now read your book three times, and each time I enjoy it as much as the previous time, if not more.

My gratitude for, and compliments on, a very well written book, which is very easy and pleasurable to read, and absolutely jam-packed with powerful knowledge and highly usable information. I just know that I will be reading this little book *many* times more…

I have started implementing what your book teaches in some of my e-ads, and I’m *already* seeing better responses, even though I am sure that I am still making some of the classic mistakes!

Therefore, I will be reading and re-reading it many times more, so that I can keep on improving my ads and thus responses. I have also recommended your book to my whole downline in a network marketing venture I work, two of which I see has just followed my advice and ordered the book! Great!

That means a ripple effect will start in this particular on-line venture of mine … <huge grin now> Many thanks! One again, many thanks from a very satisfied and pleased customer.


Gerhard Oosthuizen
KELVIN, South Africa

– – –

You must understand…

“The Marketing Technology Has Changed…
But Human Hopes and Desires Do Not!…”

Using these little known secret techniques is the way to get your prospect’s attention so they’ll be ATTRACTED to your ad (first), then they’ll be given the chance to develop a DESIRE for your product/service by seeing the BENEFITS to them that will lead them into WANTING your product/service enough for them to TAKE ACTION and BUY NOW.

“Which is exactly what YOU WANT, isn’t it?…”

To find out more visit:

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


Learn to write great salesletters using bullets

Learn to write great salesletters using bullets

Someone just wrote to me and asked how to learn
to write great bullet points for their salesletters,
here’s what I told him to do, maybe you’d like
to know also…

Step one:

Go to these sales pages and write out all the bullet
points in your own handwriting — do not type them,
write them out on paper (just do it, this is the
principle I teach called the “learning loop”).

(and no, you don’t have to buy those courses, just
write the bullets out like I’ve asked you to do,
this is a mini-coaching lesson right before your

Step two:

After you write out all those bullet points in your own
handwriting, then go back through all of them and
rewrite them based on your own product or any
product you are promoting.

If you will just do this, you will have tons of ideas
for great bullets to use in your salesletters, blogs,
emails, postcards, powerpoints, podcasts, videos,
articles, webpages, talking points on teleseminars,
you name it.


You will also learn to write great headlines too!

(bullets really are mini-headlines, aren’t they?…kind
of all put together as a rapid-fire list).

Have a great weekend.

Mark Hendricks

PS – most people won’t do what I just taught you,
and most people will never make tons of money
on the internet because of it (get out a pen and
paper and start writing)

PPS – Step three: go re-read salesletters that you
bought from, write out those bullets and headlines
and then write your own based on them (see steps
one and two above)

Meet Ted Nicholas – LIVE in person

Meet Ted Nicholas – LIVE in person

Ted Nicholas, the true living legend of direct
marketing, is the special VIP Guest Speaker
at my upcoming ISS LIVE Master Mind
Conference in Orlando, Florida.

He will be presenting two workshops at the
conference, titled:

– Million Dollar Marketing Secrets

– Billion Dollar Business Secrets

(and he IS very qualified to talk about these!)

AND, he will be doing a full 2 hour QandA
session with him fielding any questions you have.

PLUS, he will be around all weekend participating
in our Master Mind sessions, and being available
and accessible to talk with you during the weekend.

This is truly an exceptional opportunity for you
to get to know Ted (he’s probably had more influence
than any other on the success that marketers have
had online, yet rarely do you hear any ‘gurus’ credit
him with their success…I certainly do).

There are only a few seats still available, our ISS
members snap up their reserved seats months
ahead of time.

Get to this page now, learn more about Ted, and
signup today and make your travel plans.

This is too good to miss!

Ted Nicholas – LIVE at ISS Master Mind Conference <– click it

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – can’t make the dates, or don’t want to travel?…
no problem, signup anyway for ISS Gold and get the
recordings and handouts.

Split Testing – AB Split Testing

Hi —

Mark Hendricks here with something you can learn and profit from.

Yesterday I did a little test on the salespage of one of my top-selling

“How To Build And PROFIT From Your Own Lists”

Here’s what I found out.

By adding five lines of text, I was able to get 400% better sales
results — everything else on the page was the same in both test
versions, and the price was the same too.

Would you like to know what those five lines of text were? Continue reading


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