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What you should do before outsourcing work to others, how to learn to clearly tell others what you want them to do for you, what makes leaders and successful business owners and executives different than other people, finding out what really motivates you to move forward, how to use a specific childhood game to build your strategy for getting anything you want, the simple secret to getting more done is less time, what activities should you do and what should you outsource to others, how to decide what to outsource, understanding LEQ and using it to become more productive, seven places on the internet to find outsource workers, how to find quality workers on the freelance outsourcing platforms, three big tips in getting the best workers to work for you, why you should hire more than one person to do your work, how to not get ripped off using freelance sites for your outsourcing, how to handle paying your workers for the little extras they do as your project matures, using workers around the world to get things done, how to track the hours someone is working for you, what happens if you don’t tell your workers exactly what you want them to do, tips on finding the best workers among all the ones bidding on your projects, the underlying psychology of what makes a great membership site, what to look for in a membership site software package and what it really does for you, three recommendations for membership software, the biggest problem with membership software, how to structure your membership program with different levels, should you have a free membership level or not, setting your pricing levels if you do coaching in groups or one-on-one, a quick example of how a business can set up a subscription-based service using a membership model and what you can learn from it to create your own (listen closely to this for ideas), how to gift your product or service to build your business quick, a simple technique to use that makes what marketing works for you work time and time again, how to manage clients you do work for when they want more than was agreed on upfront, the magic four words to say when someone wants more and more done, and more.

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Mark Hendricks


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