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How to Create, Publish, and Promote Bestselling Kindle Books

How to Create, Publish, and Promote Bestselling Kindle Books

You are in store for something special.

I’ve got an an excellent expert speaker for a special webinar workshop just for you.

Would you like to know…

How to Create, Publish, and Promote Bestselling Kindle
Books – Learn from Someone Who’s Written and Published
Three Number One Bestsellers (So Far)

In this info-packed presentation you will discover:

– What’s the Big Deal about Kindle, anyway?

– Are people telling you Kindle is a fad? You’ll learn
why they’re dead wrong

– Why Kindle is (and isn’t) the same as traditional
ebook publishing

– A simple mindset shift you need to dominate the
Kindle market

– Why royalties from book sales are just the start,
you’ll discover other ways to profit from Kindle books

– Kindle customer psychology: some ways they are different
that nobody else i talking about

– Things you should NEVER do if you want to keep your
Kindle publisher account (did you know that some
people teaching about Kindle have been banned from
Amazon? Hmmmm…)

– Are you a complete publishing newbie? … that’s actually
a good thing

– Things you can do with Kindle books that would never have
worked in the past

– What to do right after you publish your Kindle book to
start making sales

– Would you pay $1 to get 500 real people to your Kindle
book’s page on You’ll learn that too!

Plus this special bonus:

– A never-before revealed strategy for creating quality Kindle
books without writing them, outsourcing them, using public
domain or PLR content or anything like that

You want to see this presentation.

–> Click here to watch it now <–

See you there,

Mark Hendricks


Become an Instant Expert Author without writing one word

Become an Instant Expert Author without writing one word

I’m hoping you will join me for something very special.

I’m hosting an educational webinar on…

“How You Can Become An Instant Expert Author
Without Even Writing A Word”

Register at:

Did you realize that being a published author is
probably the single most important thing you can do
for your career?

I’ve got a few books on Amazon myself, and I can tell
you it’s a great door-opener, conversation starter, and
credibility builder when people realize you’re a published
author with a book available on – But it can
be a long and difficult process to create and publish
a book.

A close friend of mine introduced me to someone who has
made the process of becoming a published author “3rd grade
simple” to do.

I was amazed as he described to me his whole process, and
after hearing him go through it with me, I only had one

How soon can you come on a webinar with me to explain
what you can do for my friends?

I was thrilled that he graciously agreed to be with me
for your benefit on this webinar to show you how you
can become a published author too, even if you don’t
write one word yourself.

I know that may sound far-fetched now, that’s okay…
just let this free educational webinar fill you in on
all the details and you’ll be excited too.

Here’s where to register:

Seating is limited, so don’t delay.

Oh, one other thing…

Will you be coming to this?

(see the video comments on the page as to
why others are so excited to be there!)

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


Product creation secrets

Product creation secrets

I’ve got a little secret I’m going to share with you.

But first, I’m going to show you some comments
from people that I believe you would recognize
immediately if I told you their names (and you
will be able to see who these comments are from
in a minute or so…).

Here’s some of the comments…

“…one idea that will triple the paid members
at our site. The best thing is, it doesn’t cost
me anything and will be easy to implement. I’m
using existing content so I don’t have to create
anything new. I know you’re going to share the
idea in your teleseminars, but I have to say, I
wish you wouldn’t so I could keep this secret
to myself. This one is definitely a million
dollar idea.”


“Uncover secrets and change the way you create
information products forever – in a lot less time,
and more effectively than ever before!”


“The simplicity that you guys came up with, the plan,
for this whole program is phenomenal because I’m like,
give it to me simple and give it to me in color and
visual and you guys did exactly that.”


“This has really got my head spinning with so many
ideas for all the new options available to me now. My
awareness level is stretching to new levels!”


“I’ve had my eyes and ears opened wide to all the
possibilities I can use to easily add on to my personal
publishing empire.”

And… (yes, there’s even more…)

Let me ask you…

Are you just a little curious as to what this is
all about?

And how it can literally change your whole outlook
on life and business (yes, both of them).

I’m going to go out on a limb here, check out
this page by clicking this link, review the information
and judge for yourself if this is something that
you could benefit from too.

I certainly have.

Here’s the link, click it…

Product Creation Secrets

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

Product creation secrets

Product creation secrets


Create and Publish Your Book Now

“Yes, You Can Be A “Best-Seller” Author In 90 Days Or Less Using These Book Writing And Publishing Secrets Revealed In This Breakthrough Program!”

You’re guided every step of the way by these six world-class experts as you create and publish your book just like they do using the new publishing technologies and marketing strategies now available to any author, whether it’s your first book or twenty-first book

Once you know the secret of how books are really created and published, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it this new way too

You’ll discover how to create, write, produce, publish and promote your own book to “best-seller” status in 90 days or less…it’s amazing!

Click the link below for complete info now…

Create And Publish Your Book Now

An amazing success story from a simple idea

Here’s an amazing story of how to know each month
exactly how much income you have coming in without
having to come up with something new to sell, time
and time again.

Be sure to use the ‘special code’ at the bottom of
the page to access everything.

Take my suggestion to study this seriously, it
can make a HUGE difference in your lifestyle.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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