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How To Know Exactly The Right Words To Use So Your Best Prospects Will Buy From You (…again and again)

How To Know Exactly The Right Words To Use So Your
Best Prospects Will Buy From You (…again and again)

I’ve asked a specialist who knows how to show you
exactly those right words to do a free educational
webinar with me on:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
8:00pm – Eastern USA time

There’s one thing I know from 30 years experience
of selling and marketing products and services,
both offline and online, and that is…

It’s the words that do the selling.

It’s the words that get people’s attention and
gets them interested enough to take buying action.

And if you’re only guessing at which words to use,
then you’re most likely missing out on a vault full
of money that could be in your bank account.

I personally use the techniques that you will discover
on the webinar in my business and it’s meant millions
of dollars of sales over the years.

Yes, using the right words are really that powerful.

Here’s where to signup for the webinar right now:

Seating is limited, so don’t delay.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

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Video for the web – sales videos

I just found a terrific site that teaches you how to make great looking videos the quick and easy way for you website and blog pages.

Especially the type of videos that increase sales and monetization of your blogs and webpages.

Check it out here:

Sales Video Production

Mark Hendricks

Meet Ted Nicholas – LIVE in person

Meet Ted Nicholas – LIVE in person

Ted Nicholas, the true living legend of direct
marketing, is the special VIP Guest Speaker
at my upcoming ISS LIVE Master Mind
Conference in Orlando, Florida.

He will be presenting two workshops at the
conference, titled:

– Million Dollar Marketing Secrets

– Billion Dollar Business Secrets

(and he IS very qualified to talk about these!)

AND, he will be doing a full 2 hour QandA
session with him fielding any questions you have.

PLUS, he will be around all weekend participating
in our Master Mind sessions, and being available
and accessible to talk with you during the weekend.

This is truly an exceptional opportunity for you
to get to know Ted (he’s probably had more influence
than any other on the success that marketers have
had online, yet rarely do you hear any ‘gurus’ credit
him with their success…I certainly do).

There are only a few seats still available, our ISS
members snap up their reserved seats months
ahead of time.

Get to this page now, learn more about Ted, and
signup today and make your travel plans.

This is too good to miss!

Ted Nicholas – LIVE at ISS Master Mind Conference <– click it

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – can’t make the dates, or don’t want to travel?…
no problem, signup anyway for ISS Gold and get the
recordings and handouts.

Why Are You Making This Incredible Offer?

Today’s post is an article from a friend of mine, he spoke at
my recent Internet Success System conference, and was
a real highlight of the weekend with our members.

I believe you’ll benefit from his advice too… 

Why Are You Making This Incredible Offer?

By Terry Dean

You’ve designed your powerful offer, but now you have
to get over the next hurdle. Why should anyone believe

You probably heard the same statement I heard  when I
was growing up, If something sounds too good to be
true, it probably is. You would think that people would
jump at the chance to get a totally free lunch, but no
one believes you.

Everyone of us has been lied to and cheated enough times
by other businesses not to believe everything we hear or read.
People will think you have some ulterior motive to whatever
youre giving away or that youre not telling them the
whole story.

If you dont believe me, try this test. Put a classified ad in
the paper. Tell people to send $10 to a fictitious business
name at some PO Box. Tell them youll send back $100
bills to everyone who replies.

See how many people take you up on this offer if you dont
provide them with any other information. Would you reply?
Ill bet you wouldnt. You wouldnt believe it no matter how
good the offer was. Youd need a lot more proof before
youd take action.

Whenever you make any great offer, you have to tell your
prospects and clients why youre making this offer. Youre
giving away a free lunch, but why should I believe you.
Whats your angle? Heres a novel concept.
Tell them the truth!

Tell them youre giving away free lunches because your
restaurant is brand new to this area. You know that a large
percentage of people who try your food will love it. Theyll
say its the best Mexican food theyve ever tried.

Theyll become regular customers. So instead of requiring
the customers to bet on your restaurant, youd take all the
risk. They get a free meal and youll only profit if your food
is so good they cant resist coming back in the future.
The more you tell, the more you sell. Tell your prospects
and clients the whole story. You may be having your sale
because new inventory comes out next month.

You have $100,000 tied up in the current inventory and
youre letting everything go for 50% off of what people
would have paid only 1 month ago. Tell them how high
quality the items are and how you love to keep selling
these same garments, but you have to make room for
the new inventory. Your loss is their bargain.

Below are 8 possible reasons why you could be making
a wonderful offer. Youre not limited to just these
methods. They are simply idea generators. Every offer
 must include a unique benefit, scarcity, and a reason why.
 If you get these items in place, your ad copy is already
mostly written for any sales piece. Neglect these steps
and the best copywriter in the world wont be able to
produce for you.

Reason Why #1: Grand Opening or Generating New Customers/Clients

Its the grand opening sale or the new customer/client
drive. Youre making your incredible offer to generate
 new clients for your business. Youre willing to lose
some money upfront and invest in them. Once they
 try out your product/service they will have to
 come back for more.

Reason Why #2: Customer Appreciation

You appreciate your loyal customers. Theyre the ones
who have made you successful in your business. Youre
 making this deal available only to your best clients.
They shouldnt share the letter, postcard, or coupon
youve sent them with anyone else. Its exclusively
just for them.

Reason Why #3: Need Surge of Income

Your business needs a surge of income. Youre making
this offer available to generate the income you need to
do ____________. It may be something in your personal
 life such as paying for your eighteen year old childs
 college education. It could be your wife wants a new
kitchen or your husband wants a fishing boat.

Reason Why #4: Going out of business or Clearing Out Inventory

Going out of business sales and inventory clearance sales
are extremely profitable. These are powerful reasons
why that appeal to all bargain shoppers. Clothing stores
sell seasonal merchandise or fashions while car dealers
sell off last years models. All types of stores clearance
off discontinued products.

Reason Why #5: Inventory tax time

Inventory taxes (or inventory time) are coming up. Whatever
you dont sell, youll pay additional taxes on. If people buy now,
youll pass on the savings to them. A variation on this could
also be that you just were hit with a large tax bill because
 your accountant made a mistake.

Reason Why #6: Scratch and Dent Sale

A mail order company may sell products which were
returned for a discount price. The appliance dealer had
a poor delivery person who put small dents in several
items which now cant be sold at full price.

Reason Why #7: Need Testimonials and case studies
for new product/service

You may have hundreds of testimonials in your overall
business, but youre launching a brand new product/service.
 You want to get a test market of people using it and
giving you feedback. For people to receive this special
offer, they must give you back feedback on the exact
 results they get from using it.

Reason Why #8: You want to Celebrate

Its your 30th anniversary. Your daughter just
graduated college. Your dog had its first litter of puppies.
Your girlfriend said yes when you asked her to marry you.
The high school team won the state championship. The
Indianapolis Colts won the Superbowl. Its a celebration.

Hi, it’s Mark again — here’s a little info about Terry…

Terry Dean helps business owners Earn More, Work
Less, and Enjoy Life. Receive his Special report, “10 Key
Strategies for Any Business Owner to Earn More, Work
Less, and Enjoy Life” along with having access to his
blog where he posts articles 2 to 3 times per week at:

For more info on the Interent Success System, just
click on the link and see what Terry has to say.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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