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The JV Dealmaker Experience LIVE event is
filling fast, our hotel room block is almost
sold out (I am trying to negotiate more

There is no better way for you to leverage
your business efforts that through using
joint ventures (no, I am not talking about
simple affiliate marketing, there is a BIG
difference between the two).

And you need to learn the nuances of how
to put it all together and pull off JVs time
and time again.

Here’s what you do first, read this page,
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If you haven’t listened to the August 23
audio on this page, you are missing
out big time (just sayin’) …

Have a great weekend!

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


SEO Advice – straight from Google

SEO Advice – straight from Google

There’s always a lot of buzz and confusion on how to use SEO and get best rankings.

Most of the time, you are getting pitched some “guru package” for a thousand bucks that’s going to reveal (“at last”), those secrets that will make all of your dreams come true. Here’s a free gift for you, two resources that you can learn from:

Google and

Google’s own take and advice on doing SEO:

And the site:

Combine all of that with everything else
that we teach at this site, and you’ve
got it all…

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

Best Keyword Research Software Tool: find profitable keywords

Best Keyword Research Software Tool: find profitable keywords

Try this software tool free, and then
decide for yourself whether you agree
with me that it is your secret weapon too.

Be sure to watch the first three training videos
before using it to get an idea of how to approach
this amazing tool:

I think you will LOVE it, once you understand
the power that it gives you.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

She bet him a dollar it wouldn’t work (but it did)

She bet him a dollar it wouldn’t work (but it did)

A few days ago there was a little $1 bet
between two friends of mine.

The one said he could show her how to
get a first page ranking on Google within
an hour.

Can you believe it?

One hour!

She didn’t believe him either.

And she bet him a buck that his plan
wouldn’t work for her.

So she followed his instructions to a T,
press all the buttons he told her to,
and lo and behold…

Within 30 minutes I saw her plop a
$1 bill in his hand and she said…

“Ok, you win – I’m on the first page of
Google for a very tough phrase to place!”

She was ecstatic that it worked just like
he said.

So, I asked him if I could offer you the
same information he provided her, except
at a very special discount.

The good news for you, he said yes.

Here’s where to get all the details:

Enjoy, learn and take action!

Mark Hendricks

PS – this next link can change your business and
your life, but you need to get to it now:

The secret to dominating your niche

If you’re spending all your time working
on your website thinking that will get
you the results you’re after, sorry, but
you’ve been misguided.

The REAL secret to getting traffic and
dominating your niche is to have content,
lots of content, and in a variety of
formats, spread out all over the internet
on other people’s websites and blogs
with links pointing back to your site.

Now, here’s your problem…

How do you create all this content?

Well, there’s the hard way – and the easy way.

But better than that is, the RIGHT way.

Here’s the right way:

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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