How To Read Kindle Ebooks If You Don’t Have A Kindle

How To Read Kindle Ebooks If You Don’t Have A Kindle

First, get the free software that can be found at:

I have the Android app for my phone and also the
software for my PC installed, you can also use the
“cloud reader” for online reading too.

Once that is done, then you can “download” the ebooks.

This is the link to all of the books from my recent

(** they are no longer free, that was a 5-day promotion
that has ended **)

Right-click on each to open a new tab is the easiest way
to access each of them.

Near the top right of the book’s page, you will see
a BUY NOW button and the price. Click the button
and they will let you decide which reading device you
want to use.

Open that device reader and the ebook is now added.

You can Sync reading between devices, etc. – consult
the instructions for each reading device app.

Then you’re on your way!

Mark Hendricks

PS – want to know how to publish your content quickly
into an Amazon Kindle ebook? … see this page:

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

For WordPress users only

If you’re a WordPress user, you will love this.

Especially if you have more than one WordPress blog
then this is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

I know I’ve been wanting this for a long time,
and have been tempted to create this kind of
a plugin for my own use.

It’s a great way to manage multiple WordPress sites.

Thankfully, someone did all the hard work of
making this a reality.

What’s the big excitement all about?

Check it out here:

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – this is a great way to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

123 WysiWyg HTML Editor – Especially designed for WordPress Bloggers

123 WysiWyg HTML Editor – Especially designed for WordPress Bloggers

There’s just sometimes when WordPress just won’t do what you need, and other HTML editors are too expensive and too complicated.

If you can use a word processor, you can build great looking webpages and websites the quick and easy way using the world’s easiest What You See Is What You Get HTML editor.

In Just Minutes You Can Be Building Great Looking Webpages And Put Them On The Internet Using The Easiest What You See Is What You Get HTML Editor That Looks, Acts, and Works Just Like A Word Processor.

Check it out here:  123 WysiWyg HTML Editor






The Redirector PRO – make redirect links the easy way

The Redirector PRO – make redirect links the easy way

One of the biggest problem you have as an affiliate marketer is people seeing your raw affiliate link to a product you recommend, they copy it and edit in their own affiliate ID to get the commission for themselves, and deny you of the affiliate commission you rightfully deserve.

And whether you know it or not, it’s happening to you right now and it’s costing you a bundle in affiliate commission income.

Please don’t be offended, but to use a sophisticated marketing term…

This Sucks BIG Time!!

I make LOTS of money as an affiliate and joint venture partner selling other peoples’ products and services, and I never ever use a raw affiliate link to refer a prospective buyer to a website, and for a few very good reasons:

#1 – You don’t want people seeing the affiliate link – some people don’t like to buy through affiliate links (go figure that one out??) – be aware that you should disclose your affiliate relationship due to FTC guidelines

#2 – You don’t want people to copy your affiliate link and insert their own affiliate ID into to the link and make the commission for themselves and cut you out of the commission you deserve

#3 – You want to be able to track all of the traffic you send to an affiliate program in your own website statistics to make sure you know your sales conversion numbers on every program you recommend

#4 – You want people getting used to clicking on links that go to your websites

#5 – You want to be able to change where you send people if you decide to change the recommended affiliate program for whatever reason (I have lots of links out there on the internet that come through my site before sending them to the recommended affiliate sales pages, so if I want to change where that person is sent, it’s just a simple edit that I make on my end of things)

Compare these affiliate links, which would you click? – or…

See what I mean? … the second one is so much cleaner and doesn’t look or smell like an affiliate link.

In the past I’ve just set up all these redirect affiliate links manually and I was happy at that.

Then I got a lot of other people wanting to learn how to do it, and I even teach my Internet Success System students how to do this redirect affiliate linking too.

So to make the whole process quick and easy, I developed an easy-to-use piece of software I call The Redirector PRO.

You can download a copy for yourself here (click this link).

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

Facebook business package – Split testing software – ISS workshop

I mentioned this Facebook business package a few days
ago and from the response, I know a lot of my subscribers
liked it too.

Here’s a little more info on it (I bought it and
have had a little time to look inside), you get
all of this in top quality format and usefulness:

Business Card
Business Documents
Business Theme
Education Center
Fan Page Templates
Flyers and Banners
Lead-gen Reports
Lead-gen Theme
Marketing Plans
Marketing Videos
Outsourcing Course
Powerpoint Presentations
Technical Guides

Check it out for yourself (there is no endless
upsells or any garbage like that), you get
everything for a ridiculously low price:

– – –

And if you’re into split testing, this is the coolest
and least expensive top-notch system I’ve used in the
past few years, I bought the higher priced Ultimate version
that has the Taguchi testing abilities (but you can choose
the one good for you)….

– – –

Deadline is October 7…

That’s when the hotel block discount room rate is
no longer available at the conference hotel in
Atlanta for the upcoming Internet Success System
Conference Workshop, October 21-23.

You will learn and then roll up your sleeves and
actually do in a workshop setting…

How To Create And Leverage Your Own
Publishing And Broadcasting Empire

It includes:

– book writing and publishing using the new
technologies we now have available, in
print and using CD/CDrom/DVD and digital
delivery of product too

– use of audio, video, and live video to
create your own live and archived
internet broadcasting platforms

– using your website/blog as an integrated
part of your platform rather than the
main focus

– using social platforms to find people, build
relationships, and get them into your marketing
funnel where you can help them buy want they

– using mobile apps to communicate directly to your
prospects and customers

– and how to tie all of this together as a
complete marketing dream machine

In a nutshell…

You’ll learn how to publish and broadcast your
personal brand in text, audio, video, mobile apps,
and social platforms and finally discover the secrets
of Media Integration that makes everything you do
online get maximum synergistic results.

Register here:

See you there!

Mark Hendricks



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