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Over 400 million, that’s what he’s done

Over 400 million, that’s what he’s done

Yes, over 400 million.

Would you like to know how?

All it takes is for you to attend this
webinar event and learn the exact things
he did, things that you can do too.


As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


Two different webinars

Two different webinars…

Wednesday night and Thursday night

Two expert speakers with me

Here’s the details on both webinars for you:

Would you like to know?…

How To Know Exactly The Right Words To Use So Your
Best Prospects Will Buy From You (…again and again)

I’ve asked a specialist who knows how to show you
exactly those right words to do a free educational
webinar with me on:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
8:00pm – Eastern USA time

There’s one thing I know from 30 years experience
of selling and marketing products and services,
both offline and online, and that is…

It’s the words that do the selling.

It’s the words that get people’s attention and
gets them interested enough to take buying action.

And if you’re only guessing at which words to use,
then you’re most likely missing out on a vault full
of money that could be in your bank account.

I personally use the techniques that you will discover
on the webinar in my business and it’s meant millions
of dollars of sales over the years.

Yes, using the right words are really that powerful.

Here’s where to signup for the webinar right now:


Seating is limited, so don’t delay.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

A little break before the Thursday webinar info (see below):

Are you coming to the JV Dealmaker Experience?
See the video comments on this page, and you’ll know
why you should make every effort to be there too…


– – – – – – – – – – – –


I’m hoping you will join me Thursday night
for something very special.

I’m hosting an educational webinar on…

“How You Can Become An Instant Expert Author
Without Even Writing A Word”

Thursday, November 17 at 8pm Eastern USA time
Register at: http://hunteridge.com/a/baiea.htm

Did you realize that being a published author is
probably the single most important thing you can do
for your career?

I’ve got a few books on Amazon myself, and I can tell
you it’s a great door-opener, conversation starter, and
credibility builder when people realize you’re a published
author with a book available on Amazon.com – But it can
be a long and difficult process to create and publish
a book.

A close friend of mine introduced me to someone who has
made the process of becoming a published author “3rd grade
simple” to do.

I was amazed as he described to me his whole process, and
after hearing him go through it with me, I only had one

How soon can you come on a webinar with me to explain
what you can do for my friends?

I was thrilled that he graciously agreed to be with me
for your benefit on this webinar to show you how you
can become a published author too, even if you don’t
write one word yourself.

I know that may sound far-fetched now, that’s okay…
just let this free educational webinar fill you in on
all the details and you’ll be excited too.

Here’s the time and place to register:

Thursday, November 17 at 8pm Eastern USA time
Register at: http://hunteridge.com/a/baiea.htm

Seating is limited, don’t delay.

This is going out to over 85,000 subscribers.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – Oh, one other thing…

Will you be in Orlando for this in late January?


(see the video comments on the page as to
why others are so excited to be there!)


Some great freebies for a Sunday evening

Here’s a few free things that caught my attention during
the past few days, you may want to know more about
them too.

– – –

How to get maximum profits out of each product, report,
article, audio, or video you make … listen to this
free audio…


– – –

Here’s a fellow who is one of the most well-connected
guys I know, and he knows how to teach people to quickly
build their circle of influence (in other words, a very
important network of business friends who you can help
and who can quickly help your success too) … give
it a listen and take notes…


– – –

If you go to this site you’ll be able to pickup some
great tips free from some of the speakers that will
be along with me at Michael Penland’s upcoming
conference. Going to a live conference is absolutely
the best way to jumpstart your business, get to this
one if you possibly can. I will holding a very special
session on Saturday night at the conference that could
be worth untold thousands to you.


– – –

And if you’d like, you can get some really great deals
on purchases of things you want at this site:


As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

A free gift for you – mp3 on affiliates, lists, expert status

Here’s an audio mp3 that I think you’ll appreciate.

It’s free, you don’t have to do anything to get it,
just go to the page and listen or download it.

(no squeeze page, no list to signup for…nothing)

You’ll learn:

o Why most affiliates never make money
o Why it’s so important to build your own lists and followup
  with them

o How to see the world through your prospects’ eyes

o Which should you market to – needs, wants, or gottas?

o Understanding the three brains that humans have

o Setting up your ARs to subscribe people to three lists at
  the same time, and why you should do this

o The quick and easy way for you to achieve expert status

o Why it’s so important for you to create or have rights to
  your own sellable products

o How to find affiliate programs that will make you money

o And a whole lot more!


I suggest taking notes while you listen, there’s a lot
of practical knowledge that you can put to use immediately.


Mark Hendricks

PS – something that others have found helpful:

Lesson One of The Internet Success System

I did a little test a month or so ago and I was amazed at the results.

You see, I made available the first lesson of my Internet Success
System Home Study Course to anyone who wanted it for only a
few dollars (and I mean only a few dollars).

Maybe you took advantage of this, maybe you didn’t, I don’t know.

But I would like to extend this offer to you now.

Go to this page, see everything that is included (this is not some
“lite” version, this is the real deal), and then take me up on this
special offer.

Actually I have a surprise for you, I am giving you the first two
lessons as part of this offer (it doesn’t say this on the info page,
I want to keep it a surprise to others).

Here’s the page you go to now: Continue reading


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