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The WordPress Plugin I’ve been waiting for

The WordPress Plugin I’ve been waiting for

If you’re anything like me you love WordPress.

It’s just plain cool how it works.

And there’s so many themes and plugins available
that make its functionality simply amazing.

But here’s something I just bought for myself
that I think is possibly even more amazing!

It’s a Super Plugin that brings all the functionality
of those pricey custom themes to ANY theme you

That’s right, one plugin that does all the fancy
stuff that all of those difficult to use WP themes
do, but at a fraction of the cost and learning

And did you catch what I said…

It works with ANY theme you already have!

Check it out now and download your copy!

There’s some great bonuses available for
quick movers, so don’t miss out!

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


The Nuts and Bolts of Internet Marketing

The Nuts and Bolts of Internet Marketing

The audio replay of last night’s “Q and A with Mark”
is now available online.

We had a little guided tour of my 49 page manual
called “The Nuts and Bolts of Internet Marketing”.

It’s all about learning all the techie stuff you need
to know to work online, things like:

– Choosing and registering a domain name based on market
research of keywords

– Getting a good hosting company that actually cares about
their customers

– Setting the DNS at your domain registry to allow the
world to find your website

– Understanding the things you need to know about your
Cpanel in your website account

– How to setup email accounts and forward them to any
email address you want

– How to upload and download files using a FREE FTP program
(html, text, audio, video, graphics, zip files, etc) … and
where to put them on your site

– How to tweak the Chmod settings (and why you want to do that)

– How to quickly install a FREE WordPress blog on your domain
to have an instant web presence

– How to customize your WordPress blog to have the look and feel
you want for your online business using FREE WordPress themes

– How to customize the WordPress settings so you provide the
best possible links to the search engines full of keyword
phases that people are searching for

– How to install and tweak the top WordPress plugins that
add the most useful functions and benefits that a WordPress
blog offers to you

– How to create a post, a page, set up categories, and use
widgets to make your blog attractive to both your visitors
and the search engines

– How to add text, graphics, audio and video to your postings
(it’s really easy, once you know the little secrets I will
show you)

– The proper ways to create the titles and tags for your
postings that help you get better search engine position
for more free traffic to your pages

– How to use two FREE Social Media tools to get your pages
indexed and ranked quickly by the search engines (this only
takes a minute to do and gets your content spread all over
the internet creating an information network that leads
back to your site!)

– Plus you get other free software tools that I personally use
to work with graphics, audio, and video files too!

– And you’ll get some free trial versions of market research
keyword software, video editing software, and computer screen
capture software too!

– Plus a lot more!

All paying ISS members can listen and download this mp3 audio at:

If you’re not a paying ISS member, I’ve uploaded this mp3 and a
few others that you can sample at:

If you would like to upgrade your account, login at this
address then click the dropdown box and select your membership:

If you don’t have an ISS Account or need a reminder of all the
great benefits you enjoy as an ISS member, here’s the main
info page:

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


Free Tool – Word Cloud Graphic Maker

I just found a really cool tool that makes “word cloud” graphics.

Here’s what I did to create one that I will show you in a moment:

– copied the words from a long sales page, or any website, or
  and other text

– put the words into their first box (they have other ways to do it too)

– played around with the Randomize feature until I kind of liked
  what I saw

– then began customizing using a “right click” to access variables

I did a few and saved them – you’ve got to do a screen capture using
a free tool like the one found at:

Then I added the words at the bottom left and right with a graphics
editor that I have: – it
does video capture too 🙂 — there’s a free 30-day trial on it

– – –

Here’s the word cloud I made…

– – –

Have fun playing with the tool at:

– – –

There’s three live conferences that I know of going on
the weekend of October 23-26.

One of them is a Non-Salespitch event (it’s a private
educational and mastermind event), and I will give
you a link to it in a moment.

Another one you’ll probably be getting slammed with
the big launch salespitch announcements over the
next 3 days (it’s kind of like “gang-land marketing” :-).

Here’s the one I suggest you come to (the Non-Salespitch
event I mentioned a second ago):

There’s ongoing support and training built right into it.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mark Hendricks

Exit Grabber software and conferences too

— Lots of news today! … read all —

I am so excited about this new software that
brings back one of the most effective online
marketing tools ever developed.

It is so cool, you will love it.

Check it out here:

– – –

Make sure to check out these pages too:

Free Internet Marketing Conference with
Mark Hendricks as your host – absolutely
a “no-sales-pitch” conference, great
business networking with other serious
internet business people…

It’s filling fast and only a few weeks away,
reserve your seat now!

– – –

Would you like to see what the top internet
business experts have to say about the program
that is creating more ‘real life’ success stories
than anything else?…

Check it out here:

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

Attend live conference free – repurpose secrets – membership site script

A few things this morning.

I’d like to show my appreciation to you as a customer (or
subscriber) by inviting you to attend Michael Penland’s
live conference, free of admission charge.

This is how much I believe in you going to live conferences
to jumpstart your business and build your own network of
successful and like-minded business friends.

I’ve purchased ten (10) tickets that I am going to give
to the first ten people who will commit to being at the
conference by making a refundable $50 deposit (the deposit
is paid to me, not Michael Penland).

When I see you at the event, I will refund your $50 back
to your PayPal account. If you don’t show up, then I will
donate your money to a local charity of my choice (and no,
my favorite charity is not me :-).

Here’s the details of the conference, do not signup there.

Just take a look at all the great speakers and special
Saturday night session I am holding too:

Then go to this page to make your refundable deposit:

– – –

If you’re wanting to learn how to maximize your profits from
each project you work on, then you need to learn what these
two people know. It all starts tonight and the current pricing
is rising today, by the hour.

You can read my personal testimonial on this page…

– – –

And lastly, today you’re going to see a swarm of bonus war
offers for you to purchase the CMS Infusion System through
various people’s links.

I don’t have a big package to offer you, because I don’t want
you to buy something just to get a big bundle of bonuses.

You should make a sound business decision when looking at
a purchase of such a system as this.

I’ve known Simon and Jeremy for years now, and have been
very impressed with Jeremy’s membership site and how well
it works for him and his customers.

Now they’re make this membership script available for the
first time. If you’re looking for a truly pro-line script
to run your own membership site, then take a very close and
serious look at this today.

I do believe this is the lowest price you will ever see it
offered, so check it out and get it today if it’s right
for you:

– – –

Check out each one of these things, they’re all very, very good.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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