Designing an affiliate website – internet radio for local business

You can learn everything listed below by listening to the September 27, 2011 Q and A audio replay at:

Topics include: building an affiliate site from scratch, how to choose which affiliate products and services for the site,  the difference between using local and global affiliate programs on your site, when to use info products and when to use services and physical products, deciding who is your target audience and deciding who your target audience is not, why it’s “dangerous” for men to market to women without getting really good advice, marketing to trends in your marketplace, the power of pictures and layout to focus your visitor toward taking the desired action you want them to take, why you should tell your visitors what to do, the big mistake of communicating to the masses and how to avoid it, creating balance between content and promotion, how to know what works best to get the results you want, using the opening screen shot for maximum effect, the value of mapping out a website before uploading and making it go live, using a combination html site and blog site for best results, an easy way to add commenting and sharing tools to your html pages, using email marketing for local business, how to analyze your conversion stats, how often to email your prospects and customers, what information can you send them, how be of service by showing people how to do things and then sell them the tools to do it, how to track response when driving online traffic to offline sales, how to leverage your newsletter update results by three times, how to get people to look forward to receiving your emails, using human nature to get more results, why you are not a bother by sending people emails, how to get great ideas to use in writing emails to your prospects and customers,   the reason why you need to write your own emails rather than just copy and paste, the most effective and least expensive way to learn and master anything, why every local offline business owner can benefit from doing an internet radio show, how to do great interviews, how to come up with questions, how to structure the interview with your guest, how to keep things moving along and interesting, how to interject your sales pitch into your interview or radio show, how long should an interview or radio show be, how to timing markers to keep you on track in your interview style radio shows, what to put into your 30 second commercial that is inserted within your interview content to get people to take action, how to make sure you deliver your offer with confidence, the phrase to never say on a BlogTalk Radio show, how to avoid rushing through your offer at the end of your presentation, how to outline and timeline your show for best flow and results, why it’s easy to get people to do interviews for you, why an internet radio show has more long-term value than regular broadcast radio

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