December 1, 2003 – how internet marketing changed forever

On December 1, 2003 something happened that changed
internet marketing forever.

It all happened in a flash.

A single, simple idea.

An idea that jump-started a lot of successful internet
business careers, and created one of the most highly-copied
strategies ever.

It’s helped build lists of hot prospects.

It’s helped sell products like never before.

It’s helped to quickly make books and their authors
best-sellers on Amazon in hours rather than weeks or
months or years.

It’s helped create online teleseminar and webinar
summits that millions have enjoyed learning from,
and very profitable for their creators.

The list goes on and on of the variations on
the original, single, simple idea.

What happened on December 1, 2003?

It was in the early morning, around 4:30am, when the
the idea of creating a JV cross-promotion that
involved 78 JV partners was conceived.

(yes, that’s right… 78 JV partners!)

All would cooperate with each other, promote the
month long event to their customers and prospects,
and all would benefit in a huge way… everyone…
the public who came to the internet promotion
page and the JV partners too.

As you can imagine, getting 78 people to cooperate
together was quite a task in persuasion, skill and

And if you’ve ever tried to do a JV between just
two people, you know it can be quite a challenge
to keep it all rolling along smoothly to a
successful end… just think of the challenge
of doing it with 78 at one time.

What was it called?

Who started it?

Where can you learn more?

The original JV cross-promotion that started it
all on December 1, 2003 was called…

“The 12 Days of Christmas.”

You’ve probably heard of it.

And the person who created it, coordinated it,
managed it, and survived to tell about it 🙂 …
was your humble correspondent, me, Mark Hendricks.

I can tell you, it was one wild ride — and I
did it year after year. It ended up turning
into a charitable event that helped kids who
would have no gifts at Christmas, have something
to open and smile about on Christmas morning
(once again, thanks to all of my “Santa’s helpers”
who made this possible).

Of course, after that first year, lots of copycats

How could they resist?

They saw just how powerful the simple idea
was in leveraging the assets of not only two
JV partners, but 78 JV partners!… all within
a short time frame.

People have modeled the idea into lots of niches,
using lots of variations, whether seasonal or
topic based, and it always works like a charm.

That’s the power of JVs… it’s a win-win-win
scenario for all involved.

Where can you learn more?

If you’d like to learn how to do JVs the right
way, and avoid all the big mistakes that people
typically make, I’m going to suggest you take
a serious look at coming to this live event:

JV Dealmaker Experience

You can find out the dates and details at this

I hope to see you there, I’ve got so much more
to share with you on how to successfully build
your business using joint ventures.

And more importantly, I want you to have a true
life-changing experience as you actually take
action and do what you learn with the other
top-quality people you will be meeting.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – if you know someone else who would have an
interest in this, please forward it to them. I know
they would appreciate you thinking of them.


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