Do you have lots of training but no results?

Do you have lots of training but no results?

That’s a tough question to face up to, isn’t it?

Just go look at all the ebooks and videos on
your computer hard drive(s) … and all of your
logins to various membership sites, you’ve
probably got training courses on all types
of internet biz topics.

Am I right?

Then why don’t you have results?

(here’s the secret, if you’re ready for it…)

There’s a little fine line in all of us humans
that we struggle to cross over, it happens after
we gain knowledge.

To get the results we want we actually have to
take action and implement and do what we’ve

Only then will we actually have the experience
gained of getting results, which is really what
you want, isn’t it?

And the experience of results is so much more
valuable to you than just the knowledge you’ve
paid for time and time again, especially when
you can get those results repeatedly because
you now know the system to producing those
successful results, over and over with ease.

What you’ve just read is what I do, and what
makes me so different than others you may
hear from. And if I just revealed to you an
“ah-ha moment” then I’ve been valuable to you
in a very important way.

It’s not what you know that gets results, it’s
what you do with what you know that gets you the
results you desire. And then your willingness
to do it again and again is how you become a
real winner in whatever you set your mind to.

(don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity of
this little secret, it really works and it’s
powerful to use in all 15 areas of your life)

All of the above is why I like to do live training
workshops, you learn and do right then and there in
a helpful, friendly and fun environment.

You’re away from your everyday life distractions
and completely focused on getting results in a short

No more buying this or that, giving it a half way
read through or listen or watch, and then off to
another “bright shiny object” that promises instant
success with no effort on your part.

You need to do… take action… implement…
well heck yeah, even “git-er-done” 🙂

We’ve got something going on in a few weeks, I’ve
mentioned it before and I will be talking about
until just a few days in front of this special weekend
in April (some people seem to really want to come
but are real “PRO”-crastinators and are slow to make
decisions, even if those decisions are in their best
interest… but that’s another letter for another day).

This live weekend workshop focuses on the largest
and most popular BUYERs marketplace the world has
ever known.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if your products and services
were featured and promoted in that big financially-rich
fishing pond?

(yes is your answer, right?)

All you need to do as a first step to get started on
doing rather than just knowing is click on over to…

…then be sure to take the next step, and the next
and the next… and soon you will have results by
doing instead of just knowing.

I’m expecting you there.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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