Internet Security audio – and two other things

A few days ago I interviewed a top expert in the field
of personal and business internet security, Oleg Ilin.

I’ve got to tell you, because I care, you’ve got to learn
how to protect yourself from internet hackers, thugs,
and creeps who are trying to wreak havoc in your life
and your bank accounts too.

I’ve posted a replay audio for your convenience at
this page:

– – –

I’d like to meet you in person in June, I will be speaking
at Michael Penland’s conference, and I will be holding a
free extra sesson on ‘How To Build and Profit From
Your Own Lists’ on Saturday night at the conference.

You will also be able to listen to and meet some of the
top minds in the business, I highly recommend that you
be there too:

– – –

I realize my ISS program is not for everybody.

There’s a lot of other people offering various programs
at all kinds of price levels, but I haven’t seen any
that are structured with everything the ISS program has
to offer you:

– a very comprehensive Home Study Course

– 2 master mind teleconferences each month for all ISS members

– Two and a half years worth of archived master mind
   teleconference recordings

– Two live conference each year – March and October
   (these are not pitch-fest weekends, these are our
   live master mind conferences)

– An ISS Gold program for those you want weekly contact
   with me to help build their businesses, and to network
   with other ISS Gold members in small group master mind

– An ISS Gold members ‘summer retreat’ where we get together
  for fun and networking and business building at a relaxing
  getaway location

There’s a whole lot more, I just don’t have space to tell you
all about it here.

You can get complete info at:

– –

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

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