What does Woody Allen have to do with your success?

What does Woody Allen have to do with your success?

I remember a quote from Woody Allen, you know that
little guy who makes those crazy movies about life
experiences… now whether those stories are true
or not, I don’t know… but they do seem kind of
an “auto-bio” of his life to me.

He said…

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

The more I work with people on their businesses
and lives, the more I’ve found it to be true.

Most people just don’t show up to get in the game.

How can you win if you don’t show up and get in the game?

And take some action toward what you say are your goals.

I’m going to encourage you, once again, to take some

To show up.

To do something that will make a huge difference in
your life and your business.

And if you say no, just realize you’re not saying
no to me… you’re saying no to you.

I’d like you to show up… to this…


And notice it’s a two for one ticket, grab
a friend, take a road trip, and split
the hotel room too (I’ve negotiated a
terrific rate at a terrific conference

You will have a blast.

You will learn a lot.

You will take action and do what you learn,
right then and there.

You will gain real-life experience.

You will meet people who can make a big
difference in your outcomes.

Will you show up?

That’s your decision to make.


See you there!

Mark Hendricks

PS – you can share the above with your friends, I know
they would appreciate you thinking of them too.


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