6 spots open for personal one-on-one coaching

6 spots open for personal one-on-one coaching

A few months ago I decided to do something new.

And I needed to test the idea before I offered
it to more people.

I accepted five personal coaching proteges and
I’ve been working with them one-on-one helping
them with their lifestyle, business and mindset
for the last three months.

It’s been a great experience for them, and me
too. They’ve made great progress and I’ve been
enjoying working with them one-on-one.

Here’s why I’m telling you this…

Over the years I’ve helped a lot of people become
more successful.

Of course that has included business and marketing
advice, but also we’ve spent a lot of time on
their own personal mindset of how things really
work in the world and how they can apply those
enduring principles to achieve the success they

From that experience I developed the Ultimate
Success Program and it’s been helpful to a lot
of people world-wide as a slow-growth, step-
by-step home study program.

But I still had thoughts coming to me saying
people still needed more along these lines.

And the thought kept coming up that I should
be offering personal one-on-one success and
life coaching.

So here’s where you may come in, if you’re
interested and you qualify.

I am looking for 6 more people who want to have
me work with them on a one-on-one personal

We will have a scheduled 30 minute phone call, every
week for a year. Each week you will need to be working
through the Ultimate Success Program lessons and
worksheets, keep a journal, and send me your
weekly journal updates prior to our phone call.

On the calls we may discuss any questions or
thoughts you have, it could be on the current
USP lesson or other topics you want to discuss,
whether it be business or other life topics, just
be sure to jot those into the email you send
before the phone call too.

What I am looking for to create some terrific
success stories and testimonials on the results
you get from your experience with me.

I would also be wanting personal referrals to
others you know who could be clients for me in
the future.

As you can imagine this is a serious commitment
on my part, as well as yours. Either of us may
discontinue the relationship at any time if things
just don’t seem to be working between us, such as
you don’t like my style, or you don’t take action
and test and try my advice in your life.

A couple of things about me…

You already know I’m a “results, not excuses” type
of guy who really and truly does want the best
results for the people I work with.

I’ve been told I have a special talent for finding
what’s in your mind that is unique and ready to
succeed, bringing it out and showing it to you,
connecting all the dots and then help you come up
with the action steps to take one at a time to make
it become a reality.

I’ve been called a unique combination of mentor,
coach, and biggest fan – a mentor when you need
to hear wisdom from experience, and coach when
you need specific instruction and possibly a
kick in the backside to get moving, and your
biggest fan to stand on the sidelines and cheer
you on as you take full credit for your stellar
success through your positive attitude, persistence,
and dedication.

If you’re interested in this, write back to me
and tell me why you would want to be part of
this personal one-on-one coaching, a little about
your background, your goals and plans, include all
of your contact info and we’ll schedule a time to
talk on the phone for you to ask me a few questions
you may have, and for me to ask you a few also.

Email me at:   mark@hunteridge.com

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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