Do you read, watch and listen to a lot of information?

Do you read, watch and listen to a lot of
information and seem to not really absorb
the true and useful gold nuggets that are
hidden in all of that information?

Yes, you say?

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.

Sometimes people just glance over webpages,
PDFs or give a quick one-time listen to audios
and doing nothing more.

If that’s you, here’s a tip…

You will get so much more out of anything
you want to learn from by repeated listening
and repeated reading… it’s just how we
really learn best, and that’s through repetition.

Our conscious mind is simply too weak to
absorb all of the information at one
time, plus we all get distracted by our
surroundings while we try to concentrate
on things that we really want to master.

I have a question for you…

Who in your life is telling you “No”?

Years ago I asked that question of myself.

I discovered there were lots and lots of people
in life who are very quick to tell me “No”.

And the one that was telling me “No” more than
anyone else was…


Once I figured that out I was determined never to
be the one who told myself “No” … others may
do it, but it won’t be me.

Now, ask yourself… do you tell yourself “No” to
things that would really help you achieve what
you want in life?

Be honest with yourself, there’s no one here but
me and you.

Go ahead, really think about it and answer now.

And if you would like to consider me helping you
with other pieces of your success puzzle, I’m
suggesting you begin lesson one of the Ultimate
Success Program and progress through each of
its lessons, one by one, as they connect all
of the power principles of success in your mind
which ultimately creates the successful outcomes
in your life.

Here’s where to signup and get started now:


As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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