The story of the Aussie and the Yank

The story of the Aussie and the Yank

Here’s a note I received a few days ago from a fellow who
has been progressing through the Ultimate Success Program,
I thought you may want to read his comments…

He says…

Hi Mark,

Stephen Wharton from Sydney here.

I purchased your Ultimate Success Program and I’m about
to start lesson #9.

I realised straight away that this is a product that you
launched a few years ago so I can’t be interactive. (But I
have never got into any of my IM or PD education live, time
differences are too hard to ignore and I already only get
6 hours sleep a night because of the travel to and from
my job and the job itself). 11, sometimes 12 hours a day
from leaving to go each morning to arriving back home each
evening. Lucky I like the job, the company, the boss and
I like new “stuff” I’m learning.

But the good thing is I don’t waste that travel time in
the company car. I have my “auto university” going full
bore. I’ve only been at this position just over 3 months
and it has afforded me the chance to actually get to listen
to some of the courses I’ve purchased the last several months.

That has stopped as of this week. All courses are on hold!

I thought …. Mark is a close #2 on my list of the 10 (at
the most) people I listen to, and more importantly trust,
so I’ll listen to the first lesson and see where it goes.
I’ve taken a few personal development courses, including
Tony Robbins, Chris Howard, John deMartini, and a couple of
others through their books and CD’s, etc. – and although I got
a lot out of them (and they all got me through some rough
weather in my life).

So far Mark… YOU ARE THE GUY.

The feedback you get from the participants on the mp3s and
the transformations and/or the realisations you hear in the
commentary are just so amazing to listen through. In fact
your interaction with your live audience is probably why
it is a course that keeps you listening.

I’m really enjoying the journey, so thank you for the
opportunity to listen to the motivational lessons to another
“round” of listeners.

All the best to you Mark, (as you always wish to your
readers on your emails).


Stephen Wharton
Sydney, Australia

– – –

Maybe you haven’t signed up yet for the USP program, I’m going
to invite you to begin today.

Will you say yes to your dreams too?

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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