What’s your Big Reasons Why?

What’s your Big Reasons Why?

You see, it’s bigger than more money; big house; diamonds
and jewelry; vacation trips; or fancy cars, boats, and

It’s really about your purpose in life.

What are you intended to do that makes a difference in
the world?  What are you intended to do that makes a
difference in the lives of people around you?  What are
you intended to do that makes a difference in the lives
of people you don’t even know?

What’s your purpose in life?

Your motivation comes from within you, but your
Reasons Why inspire you from the outside.

Too many people wait to work on their Big Reasons Why
projects until they acquire the outward appearances of
success.  I suggest that you decide what your Big Reasons
Why are right now, and begin working on them right now by
being involved and being committed so you are committed
to Bigger Reasons Why than just yourself.

What you will find is that bringing your Big Reasons Why
into your actions now, all of your other goals and dreams
will come about more easily for you.

To experience this and prove it to yourself, you must
first do it.

Just like learning the laws of nature that are new to
you, you too will learn the secret of bringing your
Big Reasons Why into your now instead of your future.

And here’s a big hint:

Your now creates your future.

So be involved.

Be committed.

Be motivated.

Be your Big Reasons Why.

This is an excerpt from just one of the lessons in the
Ultimate Success Program.

When you’re ready, I invite you to join the thousands
who have applied these life lessons that I’ve put together
into a step-by-step success program.

There’s one recurring theme through all of the lessons,
and that is to take action on each and every step. If
you don’t do that, nothing will happen for you.

The law of cause and effect is real, you must be the
cause (the action) to get the desired effect (your
dreams and goals).

May I help you too?


As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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