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How To Read Kindle Ebooks If You Don’t Have A Kindle

How To Read Kindle Ebooks If You Don’t Have A Kindle

First, get the free software that can be found at:

I have the Android app for my phone and also the
software for my PC installed, you can also use the
“cloud reader” for online reading too.

Once that is done, then you can “download” the ebooks.

This is the link to all of the books from my recent

(** they are no longer free, that was a 5-day promotion
that has ended **)

Right-click on each to open a new tab is the easiest way
to access each of them.

Near the top right of the book’s page, you will see
a BUY NOW button and the price. Click the button
and they will let you decide which reading device you
want to use.

Open that device reader and the ebook is now added.

You can Sync reading between devices, etc. – consult
the instructions for each reading device app.

Then you’re on your way!

Mark Hendricks

PS – want to know how to publish your content quickly
into an Amazon Kindle ebook? … see this page:


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