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A message from Bert and Charlie, my dogs…

A message from Bert and Charlie, my dogs…

World Record? – 16 of my ebooks are in the top 27 at Amazon

It’s not very often that you see this happen, is it?

As of right now, 16 of my Kindle ebooks are in
the top 27 for their category at Amazon’s Kindle
ebook store.

And you don’t even have to have a “real” Kindle to
read them, or any other “Kindle ebook”. There is
free software you can download to your computer,
smartphone, or even tablet pads too. (see below
for more on that).

If you haven’t got all the ones I’ve made available
for free that last few days, today is the LAST chance.

I have made Volumes 1-18 of my Ultimate Success
Program books available to you and anyone you
know for free. (I am not sure why Amazon doesn’t
allow all 18 of them to show in the top rankings,
from the download stats I see all 18 should be
in the top 30, oh well 🙂 )

Here’s what they are all about…

FREE – How to create the life you really want

Would you like to know any of these secrets?

How to use the struggles of the past as the springboard to
your successful future

The five essential secrets of success, without them in
place you will never achieve the success you desire

How to focus and attract the good things of life and free
yourself from trouble and stress

How to stop being so busy doing “busy work” that you never
have time for the big payoff activities you must be doing
that get you what you want

How to eradicate the ten most common causes of failure,
remove these stumbling blocks and experience the fast
track to success you’ve been wanting

Your potential extends far beyond your wildest imagination,
answer 12 specific questions correctly and all of your
self-imposed limits are lifted from your life forever

The secret to developing your “can do” attitude and leverage
your successes time and time again

How to use the inner space of your mind to launch you full
force into the opportunities in your world

How to continually out-grow your current situation and
expand your life into never-ending opportunities of success

The simple, yet elusive, secret to finding hidden ideas that
can turn into millions of dollars for you

How to turn your big dreams into your greatest achievements

You have been given a tremendous power, and it’s your choice
to use it, or not, in your quest for success

Six easy ways to increase your personal self-esteem — the
sixth one may be a big surprise to you

How to use what others call failure as your ticket to
astounding success

The art of attracting success by what you expect — fully
apply this secret into your thoughts and experience how
quickly your life turns for the better

How to develop the courage to conquer your fear of risk
and failure once and for all

What’s your true motivation? … understand these two
underlying components of motivation and nothing will stop
you again

The difference between goals and plans, and why you need
both to succeed

You can discover and master each one of these secrets
because I am making Volumes 1-18 of my Ultimate Success
Program books available to you and anyone you
know for free.

You may share this news with everyone you know
via email, twitter, facebook, carrier pigeon, etc.)

This promotion expires at about 3:00 AM Pacific
Time on July 6.

If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s okay.

You can get a Kindle reader for your PC, MAC,
smartphone, tablet, or online reading – and read
Kindle books on those devices and sync all of your
reading together too. I will give you the direct
link to the Kindle app page in a moment.

One simple request, after you give the books a read,
please give each a great honest review and give it a
few nice stars too (thanks in advance).

Here’s where to get the apps for your PC, MAC,
smartphone, tablet or online reading…

Get the Kindle Reader software here – click

And here’s the link to get the ebooks, you can share
this with your friends too…

** The free promotion period is now over **

Get all of the 18 ebooks here – click

Here’s where you can see the ebook rankings:

** The free promotion period is now over – Kindle
rankings changed quickly, so now you will not see
all 16 in the rankings, you may not even see one
in the top rankings at this time – this was a promotion
that lasted for five days, July 1 through July 5 **


These two screen shots were from July 4th at approximately
6:40am ET. They show 16 ranked in the top 28 for the

At approximately 9:25am ET on July 5th, the 16 ebooks
were ranked in the top 27 for the category, which is
what I reported to my Facebook pages and elsewhere.
I do not have a screen shot of that, sorry.

If you have Kindle ebooks, you should promote them
over and over again, don’t wait for people to buy
them. Get them into as many hands as you can and
let others let their friends know about you.

If you’d like to know who to quickly create, produce,
publish and promote Kindle ebooks, see this

I am hoping you will read and apply what is in them.

Another update…

Coming soon in August!

FREE 4-week coaching program with Mark Hendricks
personally guiding you through the first four
lessons of the Ultimate Success Program.

All done via online webinar coaching.

Be sure you are on Mark’s email list to get first
shot at signing up for this. Space is limited.

You may purchase the complete program here, or
leave the page and get lesson 18 free when
you signup for Mark’s mailing list, either is

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks




It’s your choice to use it, or not

You have been given a tremendous power, and it’s your
choice to use it, or not, in your quest for success

Here’s a gift for you.

The gold nuggets you will discover in it by
reading, listening, and doing will completely
change your life for the better just like
it has my One On One Coaching proteges.

You don’t need to register to get it, just
click this link and download the zip file:

After you listen, if you would like more information
on the One On One Coaching program, visit:

If you’re not ready for One On One, then get to the
main page and signup today for the complete
program, it will completely retool your mind
for success and your life for fulfillment.

One other thing, I am accepting up to 10 people
for an intensive USP LifePlan Bootcamp in
Orlando, Florida. The dates are January 18-20.

If you have an interest in this intensive life
planning and personal coaching weekend with me
as your mentor and coach, send me an email and let
me know.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


I am on a crusade to create amazing lifestyles

I am on a crusade to create amazing lifestyles

That’s right.

I am on a crusade to create amazing lifestyles of
a few qualified people who would like One On One
Coaching with me.

This is not for everybody.

Only those who really want to leverage up everything
you do to get more results in less time in every
area of your life need apply.

(I have identified 15 areas of your life that we
work on, this may sound overwhelming but I assure
you it is not when you become fully aware of the
principles that I teach those proteges who are
ready to implement them and get amazing results
in their lives)

If you’d like to implement success principles that
are proven to work in anyone’s life that dare has
the courage to do so, then go to this page, read
everything that is involved and take the first

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – you will see comments on that page from people
who’ve already benefited from their relationship
with me, I would like to help you too.

Is there a magic button for success, yes or no?

Is there a magic button for success, yes or no?

Have you ever wondered if there really is a
magic button you could push to get the
success and lifestyle you want?

I find that most people really do want a
magic button they can push that will give
them instant success.

And there are many people that will promise
that magic button with some new software
trick or WordPress plugin or saying some
affirmation 50 times a day…the list
goes on and on.


Is there really a magic button to success?

Yes or no?

You may find it interesting that I really do
believe there is a magic button.

But it’s not any of those things I mentioned

It’s something even more powerful and rare.

It’s something you were born with but “life”
has gotten in the way of your ability to
use it to your advantage.

What is it that I speak of?

It’s what I reveal to my One On One Coaching
proteges, and once they learn to use it properly,
it’s made a tremendous difference in their lives
and outcomes.

I have opened 7 more time-slots for a few
seriously-motivated individuals who would
like to really create the successful life and
business others only dream about.

If you have an interest, go ahead and visit this
page now:

If we get together on the phone, I will tell you
what that magic button really is.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – you can read lots of comments from people who
have benefited from their relationship with me
near the bottom of that page.


Yes, You Can Have Anything You Want

“Yes, You Can Have Anything You Want!”

Have you ever felt like you never really learned how to achieve success?

Do you see others getting what they want, but not you?

Have you heard about the fun and toys that successful people enjoy while you still struggle to make a living?

Don’t blame them, and don’t blame yourself… it’s not your fault!

Let me let you in on a little dirty secret…

The schools you went to and the teachers that taught you didn’t teach how to be successful, they teach how to work for other people who are successful. It’s not that they were holding back on you, it’s just that it’s not part of the “approved curriculum” and quite frankly, they didn’t know the secrets of major success either.

The day you understand that, and accept it, is the day your life begins to change for the better.

And that day, my friend… is today!

Let me tell you a little story, it’s true and factual…

Many years ago there was a young man who was trying to make his way in the world.

He didn’t have any special talents that you don’t have.

He didn’t have any advantages that you don’t have.

What he did have is the thought that if he could study the habits and actions of successful people that he could become successful too.

Yes, that young man was me.

I was frustrated.

I was puzzled.

I was really trying to connect the dots of success so I could have everything I wanted in life, not only for me, but for those I love too.

However, I did have one thing going for me…

I had a mother who taught me something before the teachers and school got a hold of me. It was something that has stuck with me in spite of what schooling was trying to do to me.

She taught me and got me to believe that…

“You can do anything you set your mind to.”

To me, those are very powerful words.

Each is packed with a unique success lesson worth exploring one by one:

You     – it really is up to you
Can     – you have the ability
Do     – you must take action
Anything     – possibilities are unlimited
You     – it really is up to you
Set     – focus and determination
Your     – personal responsibility
Mind     – your thinking and creativity
To     – relentless persistence

Do you see what I mean?

That is one…powerful…sentence…she planted in my mind.

And now I’ve planted this one seed of success in yours too.

If you will take it in, you can never forget it – it is now placed there and you can no longer deny its power.

But there’s one thing I haven’t told you…

My father died when I was eight months old, and my mother passed away when I was twelve. I don’t tell you this to gain sympathy.

I tell you this to say..

What a wonderful woman!…

…to love her youngest child enough to instill such a great seed of success in his mind before she had to leave.

And do you know what? … she was a school teacher!

…one that did know these success secrets and wanted to make sure I had that one lesson planted deep in my mind.

And that single lesson I learned from her before going off to elementary school has stuck with me and paid big dividends for years and years – and has the power to do the same for others that have allowed me to share it with them also.

This first lesson set the stage for all the other lessons I’ve learned along the way.

It provided the spark of confidence that I really could find out what successful people know and what successful people do to become successful, no matter where they started… so I could learn from them and model their successes into my own.

So my journey began, and now after all these years of hard knocks, lessons learned and successes realized, I am hoping that you will allow me the privilege to share them with you too.

Here’s where you can find out more, –> click here.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks


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