Freebies of the week, January 10, 2011

Here’s some cool freebies for you from this week.

Free mp3 audio Q and A session of the week:

Topics include: Which to build?…a larger authority site
or a small niche site, how much content do you need on your
website and how much do you need spread around the internet
on other sites, what kind of content do you need on your
site, how to build your “SEO 2 Step” concentric content
network that drives free web traffic to your site, five
top free social blog sites you should be posting content
on, learning how to put PLR products on your site to make
money, a 20 minute video that shows you how to build an
html website step-by-step, how to use FTP software to upload
and download files to and from your website, where you can
get reasonable priced and responsive webmaster services,
how to get better response to your email campaigns, what
kind of offers you can make to get more subscribers and
sales, how often should you email your lists, the best
way to learn everything you need to know, using QR codes
to get leads and make sales and where to make the codes
for free (QR codes work with smartphones, it’s a great
new technology to check into)

– – –

Make Great Lookin eBook Covers

Make sure you have your graphic sized to
350w x 467h (or if larger in a 3w x 4h ratio)
and upload the graphic to your site, before
trying out the eBook Cover Creator

– – –

Need great looking website order buttons and
Add To Cart buttons, and more… check this:

– – –

Share this with a friend, forward it to
them, I know they will appreciate you thinking
of them too.

Have a great weekend!

Mark Hendricks


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