All about webinars, PLR books, and Meetups

All about webinars, PLR books, and Meetups

Here’s a great “Learn and Earn Q and A” session for you.

See November 22, 2011 on this page:

(and there’s a few others available there also)

Here’s the topics:

- three types of webinars and replays
- three webinar presentation formats
- various approaches to delivering your webinar content
- free software to use to create your webinars
- creating your webinar outline and script
- how to prepare your powerpoint slides
- secrets of audio recording
- working with your slides and audio in your video software
- creating print books from PLR content
- the big reason why you should be an author of a book
- how to use content you’ve already written for the basis of your book
- a wordpress plugin that helps you create and format books
- how to use to get to know other action takers
- an easy way to support the Meetups you go to
- how to use Meetups as a lead generator for your business
- how to use to find meetups near you and on topics you are interested in
- how to quickly attract others to you when you attend a meetup

See November 22, 2011 on this page:

(Get a pen and paper and take notes)

As always, my best to you –

Mark Hendricks

PS – ISS members can login here to access everything:


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