Jim Straw – may I introduce you to one of my mentors?

May I introduce you to one of my mentors?

I always kept hearing about this guy named Jim Straw.

Other direct marketers who’ve been around for years
and years, ones that I learned from as I was making
my way, always seemed to speak with a quiet respect
when they mentioned his name. Then a few years back,
I had the privilege to meet Jim and have gotten to
know him better, as a friend and mentor.

His short reports and longer training manuals are all
filled with his real-world business advice. I learned
the most when I would just talk with him and really
listen to his answers and then ask him for more
detail, those are the moments I treasure with my
times with Jim.

I’ve been able to introduce others to Jim and he’s
been graciously willing to share his decades of
business wisdom and experience of what really works
with them too.

I recommend his course and have arranged a substantial
discount for you (it took no big arm-wrestling, just
a respectful and simple request… “Jim, would you
please allow a discount to my readers?”).


Here’s what a few of Jim’s other students have said:

Dan Eikermann says…

“I purchased Jim Straw’s Millionaire Course almost
2 years ago.  Since that time I have been involved
in over thirty deals on the MCX exchange which is
a lifetime membership included with the course.
You will not believe the Available and Wanted deals
listed through this exchange.  I am personally
working on one right now with a potential payout
of $1,750,000.00.  Yes, you read that right, ONE
AND THREE QUARTER MILLION.  Along with exceptional
opportunities count on Jim’s top notch customer
service and wealth of knowledge and experience.
An example of his level of service and commitment
to you is one Christmas Eve day back in December
of 1999.   I called to order a subscription to his
Worldwide Business Exchange Newsletter and he
personally answered the phone much to my surprise.
His sincerity and care shines through even on his
e-mails. — In closing, if you are looking at
ordering this course do not hesitate.”

Jos. J. Charbonneau, CSP, CPAE says…

“If you want to be a master, study what the masters
have done before  you. Learn to do what they have
done and have the guts to do it – and you will be
a master, too.”

Barry Rice says…

“In the three weeks since I purchased your program
I’ve earned $17,351 on my first two deals.”

J.M. Sirvent in Spain says…

“Less than one week of work, only two clients and
one single product: will mean 180,000 Euro + 250,000

Maxine Allen (Slough – 15 miles outside London) says…

“I made £5097 with just one deal over 3 months
(because I was lazy).  Imagine if I had knuckled
down and took on 3 deals at a time?”


And here’s just a few other names you may recognize
that also credit Jim Straw as having a major impact
on their success too:

Marlon Sanders, Mark Joyner, Paul Myers, Jack Baugher,
Orlando Blake, David Breth, Ron Coble, Al Galasso,
Izzy Ginzberg, Dennis Hessler, Freddie Hornedo, Jimmy
Krug, Sam Longoria, Kelvin Parker, Michael Penland,
Barry Rice, Martin Russell, John Schulte, Lowell
Sheets, and of course many others too.


This is a great time of year to do something terrific
for yourself, use the great gift you’ve been given
and make a choice of creating your own destiny like
others have already done.

I’ve learned an incredible amount from Jim over the
years, he is a *true* living legend that you can have
the chance to learn from too.

Get Jim Straw on your mentor team too.


I look forward to hearing your “Jim Straw story” soon.

As always, my best to you —

Mark Hendricks

PS – If you ever get a chance to buy him a breakfast,
lunch, dinner, or just sit with him one-on-one
sometime – when he talks quietly, pay attention
more… that’s when the really good stuff comes out.

PPS – if you’d like a chance to meet Jim, you will find
him at this event… see his video comments on the page:





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